Green Thumb Initiative: Grade 9

Schoology Course Design

Tools & Methods:

  • The course was built in the Schoology LMS
  • Graphics were created in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Project Scope:

Along with researching the functions of Schoology, my portion of the project was to create the structure of the LMS course so that it could be easily navigated by 9th grade learners.

The self-paced MOOC had features such as notifications of a completed task. This was accomplished by assigning parameters to folders in which the learner was required to “view” or “complete” a file or activity. Completion rates could then be tracked to monitor student progress.

In addition to an introductory video created by a member of the group, our completed course was presented via a letter from the principal of our fictitious green initiative school with instructions on how to access the course.

(Video Created by group member Amy Netzel)

Implementation of a Learning Management System
to Facilitate the Primary School District’s Program
for Mobile Learning in a Flipped Classroom.

For an example on research conducted in the implementation of an LMS, please consider viewing the following document where I review resources and steps to take to successfully implement an LMS in the “Primary School District” for use by students and teachers for mobile learning in a flipped classroom.

View the Mock Proposal Document

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