Emergency Preparedness

Gaston College Professional Development Learning Module

desktop monitor with image of

Tools & Methods

  • E-learning development was done in SoftChalk Create.
  • Graphics were edited in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Screen-capture, Audio, and Video were created and edited in Camtasia.

Project Scope

This training module consists of 6 instructional units created in Softchalk that met the needs of Gaston College to transition their Emergency Preparedness training from in-person to online delivery.

The ADDIE method was employed for the creation of these units to ensure the quality of the instruction. I invite you to view the Project Document for more details.

Professional Development Pre-Induction Training

as part of the learning management system implementation for faculty and staff at Gaston College

In addition to the above training module for the College, an additional Professional Development Plan was designed to coincide with the implementation of the new LMS for Faculty and Staff. The proposed program was created using mixed methods to help this group of adult learners adopt the new digital delivery of their training and development at the college.

Presentation created using Canva and Camtasia.

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