Learning Application

Teaching Emotional Intelligence Skills
to Children Using Online Learning Systems.

A life skills instruction for an increasingly digital world.


Using the ADDIE model, I was able to design and develop an educational learning app for kids in the 3-6 age range. This solution was created with the intent to create an alternative learning opportunity for kids that need guidance in such life skills as emotional intelligence. The result was an app that can be downloaded to devices or installed on school computers. This app will guide learners through the 4CID method of learning with comprehension occurring and building over time for each set of activities.

TEI-K Educational App: Design and Development Process

TEI-K Educational App: Schematics

Tools used in the creation of the Project and above video include Adobe Illustrator, Kids Interactive App Maker, and ScreenCast-O-Matic. Link to video: “https://youtu.be/yMgCfx8S_Cw”


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