Multimedia Production

Exploration of Multimedia & Mind:
A Website Portfolio

The most engaging learning could require the use of multimedia elements that will capture the attention of learners and motivate them to continue on with reviewing the information presented to them. I have compiled a host of options that can be utilized in a variety of learning situations and have shared them via a website I built in Adobe Muse.

Screen image of Pamela Kiefer's CI5200 Portfolio Site

The link below will take you to the site (viewable for desktop only):

In order to showcase my skills in multimedia design and my proficiency in Adobe CC software, I have compiled the following list of some of the media elements I have created along with a mention of the tools used:

Interactive Images

Helium and it's descriptionHere I have created images and assigned behaviors to them to that when an action occurs, such as rolling over or clicking an image, an image or text will appear as a result. Media tools used: Photoshop and Muse.

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Animated GIFs


On this page, you will find a series of GIFs made using different techniques to showcase the various uses of animated GIFs for learning. Media tools used: Photoshop and Muse.

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Audio Editing

Audio can be a powerful tool for learning, especial for those learners who prefer listening in order to process and comprehend the information being presented. This is also a useful tool for providing feedback in a quick and efficient manner. My example was done in the likeness of a Podcast. Media tools used: Audition and Muse.

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Sound Slide




If a variety of images are to be presented along with narration, a Sound Slide is the best option for keeping the content engaging to learners. My example demonstrates the use of sound slides as a series of informative videos. Media tools used: Photoshop, Audition, and Muse.

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Video Editing



To demonstrate my skills at video editing, I put together an interview video that incorporates still images alongside the interview footage. This particular example showcases myself discussing my role as a mother returning to work. Media tools used: Photoshop, Audition, Premiere, and Muse.

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This final piece was the culmination of the use of photo composition, audio editing, video editing and animation. This example of a children’s educational video was inspired by my son’s interest in robotics. Media tools used: D-SLR Camera, Photoshop, Audition, Premiere, and Muse.

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