Critical Infrastructure Concepts

Video concepts are put into practice to gauge understanding.

Tools & Methods:

  • Articulate 360 Storyline
  • Articulate 360 Content Library
  • Embedded YouTube Videos

Project Scope:

Learners are provided an opportunity to practice concepts that have been presented in videos selected to support weekly topics.

Wastewater Treatment Systems

  • Welcome Page
  • Video page
  • Start Screen
  • Activity Page
  • Knowledge Check
  • Activity Page with Feedback
  • Activity Page
  • Activity Wrap-up

In this module, the learner watches a video and then can continue to a practice activity that guides them through the water treatment process. Learners keep track of progress as the illustrated graphic is incrementally revealed. Knowledge checks are presented at each step. Video, Animated objects, timely feedback, and a way to track progress were techniques used to keep the learner engaged.

Transportation & Energy

In this activity, the learner watches three videos and then has two practice activities to choose from:

1. Transportation Components

In this fun engagement, learners review the three components of transportation before they are asked to sort items into these categories. Fun, but appropriate, train graphics are used to help learners “track” their progress. Fun animations are used to motivate learners.

2. Environmental Impact

This activity asks learners to think about ways transportation choices can have an impact on the environment. Learners help Elise make good or bad choices to see how that will affect their Environmental Impact Score. Variables were used to provide immediate feedback.

  • Start Screen
  • Question Example
  • Question Feedback
  • Question Feedback

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